Beacon Marketing – Frequently Asked Questions

Beacons broadcast anywhere from half a foot to nearly 200 feet.  It all depends on the application.  If the area covered is greater than 200 feet, multiple beacons may be required.  Additional beacons to expand coverage area are only $10 per month.

Another name for beacon marketing is proximity marketing.  People have to be within a certain distance of your beacon in order to receive the message.  The good news is about 83% of people take their phone with them when visiting business locations.

The Beacon Broadcasting Network works with Bluetooth and location enabled smartphones.  It will not work with older ‘flip phones’.  How people receive your beacon message on their phone will depend on their phone setup and whether they are ‘return’ users who have already installed the BBN app.

No, there are no ‘per click’ charges.  We charge only $50 per month for an unlimited number of clicks and views.

When you become a member of the Beacon Broadcasting Network, we provide you with a free beacon.  There is a one time only $100 per beacon network setup fee and a $50 per month network subscription fee.

The one-time setup fee covers the creation of your cloud-based ‘first click’ content, network provisioning and hardware distribution.

Quantity and package discounts and other special offers may apply.

No, you do not need to have a website in order to very effectively use beacon marketing to promote your business.  We provide cloud-based, mobile friendly hosting for your content.

No, you just need to plug it in. We do all of the set-up and provisioning for you.  When you receive your beacon marketing package, simply plug the beacon into any available outlet in the broadcast area.  We suggest one that is out of the way, where it is unlikely to be accidentally unplugged.